No boys allowed: Arlington High’s top 2 percent of graduating seniors are all girls

"Females are rising up..."

All female top 2% of Arlington High School graduating class
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All female top 2% of Arlington High School graduating class

It’s no secret that girls are smarter than boys (yes, that’s meant to be a joke) — but if proof is needed, look no further than Arlington High’s Class of 2017.

The school’s top 10 graduates are all girls. So are the next five. In fact, you have to go all the way to No. 17 to find the first boy.

Principal Shahveer Dhalla noticed the numbers when ranking the class.

“I said, ‘Wow,’ ” Dhalla said, adding that when he announced this fact at a senior class presentation, he was met with, “Yay! Girl power!”

There are about 700 students in the school’s graduating class, and they are pretty much evenly divided between boys and girls. But of the top 20, 17 are girls.

On Tuesday, during a district luncheon celebrating the top 2 percent of graduating seniors at Arlington’s six high schools, Arlington High’s all-female contingent joked about their situation, with several calling it “cool.” They also pointed out that they didn’t end up where they are by accident.

“This is years of work,” said Laura Britton, 18, who plans to study history education at Brigham Young University in Utah. “You can’t just jump into the top [2] percent.”

“We all end up taking a lot of the same [advanced] classes,” she said.

Valedictorian Megan Nguyen, 18, plans to study electrical and computer engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. “It’s nice to see females rising up,” she said.

The top boy in the school’s Class of 2017 has nothing but respect for his female scholar peers.

“I know all of them,” said Grant Owens, 18, whose mother was a member of the top 10 in the school’s Class of 1985. “They are super competitive. They are super smart.”

Owens added: “Being the top guy, I’m really honored.”

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