A cake with 102 candles: Four members of Arlington family share March 29 birthday

Wednesday is Jimmy Mixon’s birthday.

And Jacob Mixon’s.

And Tyler Rose Mixon’s.

And Jade Mixon’s.

In fact, three generations of the Arlington family share the same birthday, March 29.

Jacob, who is turning 25, calls it “astronomically strange.”

“What are the odds?” he said. “I would love to know.”

A quick Google search suggests the odds would be more than one in 48 million. For comparison, the odds of being struck by lightning in your lifetime are roughly 1 in a million.

The family patriarch, Jimmy Mixon, was born in 1968 and is turning 49 this year.

On his 24th birthday, he got a big surprise. His wife, Tammy, pregnant with twins, went into labor five weeks early. It was 1992.

Tyler Rose, his daughter, arrived first. Seven minutes later, her brother, Jacob, was born.

“In all the excitement that day, I completely forgot it was my birthday,” Jimmy said. “The nurse filling out the forms kept saying, ‘No way. No way.’ I didn’t know what she was talking about.”

Every year, the family celebrated their birthdays with a special dinner.

Fast-forward 22 years. Jacob Mixon’s wife, Stefanie, was pregnant. Her due date, March 22, came and went. Then March 23. Then 24th.

“I knew this baby was waiting for our birthday,” Jacob said.

Stephanie was induced March 28. One day later, on March 29, 2014, Jade Mixon was born. She turned 3 on Wednesday.

Jacob said he, too, forgot it was his birthday.

“I was getting text messages saying ‘Happy birthday,’ and I wondered how people had already heard she was born,” he said. “Then I realized they were telling me happy birthday.”

To celebrate Jade’s 3rd birthday, her parents will visit the aquarium at Grapevine Mills mall and likely feast on ice cream.

Jimmy Mixon said there is one drawback to sharing a birthday with his children and granddaughter.

“As you get older, you’d like to forget your birthday,” he said. “But I’m not allowed to.”

Sarah Bahari: 817-390-7056, @sarahbfw