She longed to be a mom, and now ‘Aunt Jeni’ has 7 kids of her own

By Rick Press

Watching Jeni Burton with her seven children now, you’d never suspect she’s only been a mom for a couple of years.

Whether she’s getting the kids ready for school in the morning, tucking them in at night, or helping them with life’s many puzzles throughout the day, Jeni’s a natural.

A supermom.

The Magnificent Seven is what Jeni’s mother has dubbed them -- five boys and two girls -- but the story of how they all came together under one roof in Arlington is equally magnificent.

It’s a story of love and longing, sacrifice and survival. There’s even a “knight in shining in armor.”

Star-Telegram videographer Joyce Marshall shares the story of the Burton Bunch -- a family that almost never was, but now seems destined to be together forever.