Gadgets: Foldylock looks cool, keeps your bike secure

Foldylock‘s high-quality plastic coating protects the bicycle from dings or scratches.
Foldylock‘s high-quality plastic coating protects the bicycle from dings or scratches. Foldylock

When a bicycle lock is described to me as fashionable, it forces me to take a look.

The Foldylock is a pretty cool-looking piece of hardware.

It’s made of six steel links and anti-drilling rivets, which makes it pretty much saw-proof as well as bolt-cutter proof even with the strongest arms around.

A high-quality plastic coating keeps it rust-free and protects the bicycle from scratches when the Foldylock is in use. When you stretch the lock, it folds out three feet long like a chain.

The Foldylock fits in a backpack or attaches to your bike’s water-bottle holder while riding; either way it’s pretty handy to have at your side for security. A video on the Foldylock website is pretty entertaining and shows a great display of the durability., $95 available in peaceful green, crazy red or calm cream

Dining companion

The Tip ’n Split is an innovative all-in-one, calculator-looking pocket-size gadget to make tipping at a restaurant accurate.

It instantly calculates your tip from the total bill in the percentage you want and also helps you split it into individual amounts when you’re sharing the check with others.

You no longer have to pull out reading glasses to see the small print on your receipt because the Tip ’n Split comes with a magnifier and illuminating light for assistance., $19.92

Air accessory

There are tons of choices for iPad cases for the new iPad Air 2. Logitech AnyAngle protective case is among them.

The case protects from bumps, scratches and small spills but the great thing about this case is that it can position the tablet at just about any angle. With your tablet inside, it bends to most any angle for viewing within a 50-degree range and stays in place until you change it., $59.99

Cool cable

I bet you never thought a charging or audio cable could be cool. Well, once you take a look at the MOS Spring audio 3.5mm auxiliary cable you’ll see what I’m getting at.

With the word “spring” in the name, you get the idea that has something to do with this. They are described as “reinforced, durable and personalized cables with Exoskeleton braided jacket and magnetic organization system to keep cords organized and fray-free.”

What it means to you: they work perfectly and won’t bend to cause a short. What I like best is the woven jacket, which provides tangle-free strength yet rolls up perfectly without tangling when not in use.

Each end has Anodized aluminum heads for protection and a sure connection to whatever it’s being used for., 3.5mm audio; $11.95 (3 feet); $15.95 (6 feet); $19.95 (10 feet); $23.95 (15 feet), available in black, red and teal. Apple Lightning and microUSB cables are also available in the spring system