Heads up, Lush enthusiasts: A new store is open in Southlake

The interior of the new Lush Cosmetics store in Southlake Town Square. The store opened on Sunday.
The interior of the new Lush Cosmetics store in Southlake Town Square. The store opened on Sunday. Courtesy

Southlake Town Square is now the newest home to a Lush Cosmetics store. The store, which opened Sunday, is the first of the chain in Tarrant County.

The company brands itself as an ethical beauty line, with vegetarian ingredients and cruelty-free product testing, meaning that none of its products are tested on animals. Even the design of the brick-and-mortar stores use reclaimed and recycled materials.

Even if you’ve never heard of Lush Cosmetics, you’ve probably seen evidence of its influence. A couple years ago, you might have noticed an uptick of bath bomb videos all over your social media. These huge, multihued balls of sediment dissolve in tubs of water for a colorful, fragrant — and sometimes glittery — bathing experience.

Though Lush sells a wide range of beauty products (including bath and shower gels, lotions and makeup), the company is most well-known for their bath bombs. In fact, it’s credited with the widespread popularity of these products — they’re the No. 1 seller of bath bombs, with dozens of different varieties, shapes, scents and colors. One of its most popular bath bombs, intergalactic, makes the bath water look like outer space.

For years, Lush enthusiasts in Tarrant County had to drive to Dallas or Plano. But now, Tarrant County residents can head over to Southlake for their bath bomb fix.

“We are very excited about our new location at Southlake Town Square,” said director of retail Elisa Torres in a news release. “Bigger shops, thoughtfully designed with the customer experience in mind, provide more space to demonstrate our ethics, playfully interact with our Southlake customers and present our new and ever-growing product range.”

Carla Jimenez covers breaking business news and commercial retail development. Born and raised in Euless, she took a detour in the Midwest for a few years, but she’s back in the land of football, barbecue and Dr Pepper.