They're all grown up, but Mom and Dad still pay the rent

The exterior of The Lofts at Alta Leftbank off West 7th in Fort Worth.
The exterior of The Lofts at Alta Leftbank off West 7th in Fort Worth.

The all-American concept of young adults graduating from college and immediately striking out on their own appears to be dying.

Nearly one in 10 Dallas-Fort Worth area residents age 36 or younger is still receiving help from parents to pay the rent. That's according to Apartment List, a firm that closely tracks rental rates and housing trends across the United States.

Nationwide, 7.9 percent of Millennials (folks born after 1982) living alone receive at least some financial aid or housing from Mom and Dad.

But don't blame the young adults themselves. It's not a matter of this generation being lazier or more entitled than those of the past. Instead, it's all about the cost of housing rising much faster than incomes, according to the report.

Rent Assistance
Apartment List

"Since 2000, home and rent prices have increased by 73 percent and 61 percent, respectively, but incomes for younger households have only increased 31 percent," the report states.

Other findings:

  • Of those getting rent money from the folks, about a third are getting enough to pay their entire monthly bill. The rest receive only partial payments from their parents.

  • One in three respondents said they anticipate that their parents will help with a down payment for a home.

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