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Throwback Thursday: Delta 1141 crashes at DFW Airport

“It was just like a roller-coaster ride,” said the headline of the Star-Telegram’s September 1, 1988 morning edition.

Delta Air Lines Flight 1141 crashed shortly after take-off from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport the day before, killing 13 people, another headline said above a photo of the Boeing 727’s wreckage. A passenger died several days later from severe burns for a total of 14 fatalities in the incident. Ninety-four people survived.

The flight was headed for Jackson, Mississippi and had clear weather when it crashed a few seconds after it took off. Investigators later determined that the crash was caused because the aircraft’s flaps and slats were not properly configured for takeoff and the crew members were having distracting conversations during take-off.

“I’ve never been one for roller coaster rides or amusement rides, beacuse you’re not in control. And that’s exactly what it felt like,” passenger Jerry Galloway told the Star-Telegram. Galloway managed to escape the crash fire through a rear emergency exit, “after struggling to free himself when his spurs got caught in some wreckage,” the front page article said.