Sky Talk

Throwback Thursday: One more look at the MD-80


With American Airlines retiring 20 of its MD-80s in one day, this week’s Throwback Thursday photo shows off the silver birds.

The photo taken on February 2, 2000 at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport has several MD-80s lined up at the terminal.

“An American Airlines Super 80, which is American’s version of the MD-80, takes off over the tails of several different types of American Aircraft. The second tail from the left belongs to a Super 80,” the photo caption reads.

American had almost 400 MD-80s in its fleet, using the aircraft on domestic routes. By the end of this year, it will only have 52.

Although this photo was taken 16 years ago, any photographer could probably recreate it at DFW Airport’s Terminal C today as American continues to fly its remaining MD-80s out of that terminal.