Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Restrictions on flights between the U.S. and Mexico lifted on Sunday as part of an aviation agreement signed by the two countries last year, the Associated Press reports. Although there will still be take-off and landing slot restrictions at Mexico City’s international airport, airlines between the two countries are now able to fly as many routes and set prices on those routes without government limits.

-Chinese airlines are offering big salaries to pilots who are willing to fly aircraft in China. Bloomberg News reports that Qingdao Airlines promises $318,000 a year while Sichuan Airlines is offering $302,000 a year to potential hires. “Offering a fat paycheck is the only option for the newest carriers because they have minimal brand recognition and a limited performance record,” the article says.

-The New York Times delved into airlines’ miles sharing programs that are allowing families to share miles to earn free tickets. “Known variously as pooling or sharing, the programs allow customers of Hawaiian Airlines, Sun Country Airlines and JetBlue Airways to give their frequent flier miles to others or team up with a group to get a free ticket faster,” the article says. “Families, for instance, can combine all their miles so that a foursome can earn a single free ticket much more quickly.”