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American Airlines objects to Delta receiving Tokyo Haneda slot

American Airlines argued it should receive a coveted daytime landing slot at Tokyo Haneda Airport for flights from Dallas/Fort Worth instead of Delta Air Lines, who plans to use the slot for flights from Minneapolis.

In a filing made on Monday, American said Delta’s previous failures to maintain service between the downtown Tokyo airport and its hubs in Detroit and Seattle show that Delta will fail on its Minneapolis route.

“Delta has repeatedly acted to deprive other carriers—and the traveling public—of access to Haneda and elsewhere by making capacity commitments that it never intended to keep, by slashing service, and by abusing the Department’s dormancy rules,” American said in its filing with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

In July, the DOT awarded daytime slots to four existing nighttime routes between the U.S. and Tokyo Haneda. Currently, American and Delta both operate flights between Los Angeles and Haneda while United Airlines’s route from San Francisco and Hawaiian Airlines’ flight from Honolulu.

The fifth daytime slot was awarded to Delta for a route between Minneapolis and Haneda but the DOT said if Delta deviates significantly from its proposed service, it will give the slot to American to operate from DFW.

As part of its Monday filing, American proposed that the DOT take the slot away from Delta if Delta reduces the route from daily service, changes the aircraft from Delta’s proposed 291-seat Boeing 777, or cancels the flight at a higher than usual rate.

“Delta’s past conduct makes clear that a strict and enduring commitment by the Department to force Delta to abide by its service proposal is necessary to ensure public benefits are maximized,” the filing said.

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