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American Airlines sued for $10 million in assault of minor on flight

The parent of a teenage girl who was allegedly assaulted on an American Airlines flight last month filed a $10 million lawsuit against the Fort Worth-based carrier.

The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Oregon, seeks payment for medical, psychological and counseling services for the minor, saying the airline did not keep the child safe.

Twenty-six-year-old Chad Cameron Camp was arrested in June for abusive sexual contact of an unaccompained 13-year-old girl on an American flight from Dallas/Fort Worth to Portland, Ore. According to the lawsuit, Camp groped the girl, touching her upper leg and crotch.

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“This horrendous set of events lasted approximately thirty minutes without American’s intervention,” the lawsuit says. American knew the girl was an unaccompanied minor and had charged the parent a $150 fee each way in addition to the regular fare, the lawsuit states.

“During the flight, American provided [the girl] with no supervision, monitoring or enhanced level of safety different or apart from what it gave an adult passenger,” the suit says. “In essence, American completely abdicated and breached the duties that it owed to [the girl] and her parents.”

According to the criminal complaint filed against Camp, a flight attendant observed Camp’s behavior, noticed the girl’s distress and moved the girl to another row while placing Camp in the back of the plane. Camp was arrested when the flight arrived in Portland. He is currently being held in a county jail.

“We are reviewing the lawsuit and continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in their investigation of the suspect,” said American spokesman Matt Miller. “American cares deeply about our young passengers and is committed to providing a safe and pleasant travel experience for them.”

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