Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-U.S. regional carriers are having a hard time finding new pilots to hire, reports Air Transport World in this article. New federal regulations put in place following the 2009 Colgan Air crash have made it harder to get enough flying hours before being allowed to work for a commercial carrier. “Even graduates of four-year aviation programs at universities, who previously could go directly into new pilot hire training programs at carriers like Mesa, now have to accumulate substantial additional hours before considering applying to a regional airline for a job,” the article says.

-If you end up waiting in a long security line at an airport this summer, airlines want you to complain. The Boston Herald reports that the industry’s trade group, Airlines for America, has set up a website called to encourage fliers to post photos of lines to raise awareness of the issue.

-The Centre for Aviation takes a deep dive into the Asia Pacific-U.S. airline market in this report. It’s the third year of 20 percent annual growth between China and the U.S. and in the past four years, trans-Pacific flights have grown from 150 a day to 193.