Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-If you’re curious why Alaska Airlines wants to buy Virgin America, Cranky Flier has an excellent interview with Alaska’s chief commercial officer Andrew Harrison. In the first part, posted here, Harrison discusses why Alaska was willing to pay so much for Virgin America’s network and gate space.

-China plans to spend $11 billion on a new airport in Chengdu, according to Bloomberg News. The Chinese government plans to build 50 new airports by 2020 and double the number of airports in the country to 400 by 2030.

-Don’t want the middle seat on the airplane? You will have to pay to get out of it, an article in the New York Times says. “As planes fly at record capacity and new cabin configurations squeeze in ever more passengers, airlines are, intentionally or not, nudging fliers into paying extra to avoid drawing the proverbial short straw,” the article says.