Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Travelers are complaining more about airlines even as more flights arrive on time and airlines lose fewer bags, according to a new report on airline quality. “Everything is getting better, but they are still unhappy about the same things,” said Dean Headley, a marketing professor at Wichita State and co-author of an annual report on airline quality in this CBS News report. Virgin America topped the list while Spirit Airlines came in last.

-Twelve days after the terrorist attacks at Brussels Airport, Brussels Airlines operated its first daily flights out of its home hub airport, the Wall Street Journal reported. The airline is currently operating about 40 percent of its flights and said it hopes to have all of its flights operational within a week.

-U.S. airlines are upset that they may have to bid for convenient daytime slots at Tokyo’s Haneda airport. American Airlines, and others, currently have night-time slots to fly to the downtown Tokyo airport and had hoped to simply switch to day time slots that are being allocated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. USA Today reports that the DOT will accept proposals for service through May 3.