Sky Talk

By the Numbers: American’s IOC


Anyone driving on State Highway 183 just south of the airport has seen American’s new integrated operations center rise up quickly alongside the highway.

It looks like it’s done from the outside but now crews are working to get the inside ready for the building’s fall opening date.

In its latest employee newsletter sent out on Thursday, American revealed the thousands of cables and pipes that are being installed in the operations center.

-8,500 CAT 6 cables for voice/data

-20,000 CAT 6 patch cords

-1,726,478 linear feet of voice/data backbone cabling

-2,798 miles of media cabling

-94,000 lbs of sheet metal for duct work

-15,134 linear feet of heating and cooling pipes

-8,981 linear feet of sanitary waste and vent pipes

-6,035 linear feet of domestic water pipes