Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-The New York Times looks at the bargain airfares that airlines plan to roll out this year and if they are really worth it for travelers in this article. “As a general rule of thumb, don’t assume that a low-cost carrier, or a legacy carrier that offers no-frills fares, always has the best price. You still have to do your homework, which means comparing prices as well as reading the fare rules, especially with regard to the flexibility of your ticket and its ability to earn you miles in your preferred program,” the article says.

-Spirit Airlines’ new CEO wants the low-cost carrier to have better operations and be “less predictable” on its route selection. Cranky Flier examined CEO Bob Fornaro’s comments about the airline and where it’s headed and came up with this conclusion: “Spirit wants to be that crazy ex-girlfriend of yours – completely unpredictable. It wants to continue to serve leisure customers, but it also sees value in small business travelers who aren’t on expense accounts,” Brett Snyder wrote in this post.

-File this in the unusual homes category. An Oregon man has converted an old Boeing 727 into a home, in this San Antonio Express-News article. Bruce Campbell told the newspaper that he’s already looking for a second airplane home. He plans to purchase a Boeing 747 and convert it into another living space in Japan since he lives there half of the year.