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American Airlines flight from Brazil diverted after crew and passengers feel lightheaded


For the second time in a week, an American Airlines international flight made an emergency landing due to passengers and crew feeling ill.

Early Friday morning, American flight 904 from Rio de Janeiro to Miami diverted to Brasilia after a passenger and three flight attendants said they felt lightheaded.

American spokeswoman Laura Masvidal said paramedics met the Boeing 777-200 and evaluated those who felt ill. No one was hospitalized or required further medical attention.

“Our maintenance team is currently inspecting the aircraft and performing a thorough maintenance check,” Masvidal said. “Out of an abundance of caution, the flight was canceled last night and our passengers have been re-accommodated on other flights.”

On Wednesday, American Airlines flight 109, traveling from London to Los Angeles, returned to London when passengers and flight attendants felt ill and light headed. That aircraft was met by medical personnel and none of the affected passengers and crew requested additional medical attention.

Masvidal said the two incidents were completely unrelated.