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Pilots vote could begin as early as Wednesday

American Airlines pilots could begin voting as early as Wednesday on a new contract proposal from the Fort Worth-based carrier.

Over the weekend, the Allied Pilots Association’s board agreed to send management’s latest contract proposal out to the 14,000 pilots for a vote once it received final contract language.

The board told pilots it will reconvene on Wednesday to review contract language and if it approves the language, the electronic balloting process will begin.

The full message that APA sent out on Monday is below.

“Your APA board of directors will reconvene Wednesday to review in detail what is expected to be the final contractual language in the agreement in principle with management. Once that task is complete and if the board approves the contractual language, the electronic balloting process for the amendment to the collective bargaining agreement will begin. Concurrently, you will receive educational material required for your review in the JCBA decision-making process. The following content will be provided to you: a JCBA overview, a pay rate proposal review, final contractual language and any other pertinent material as deemed necessary by the board of directors.

“APA leadership is working through a detailed review of the voting timeline to ensure that the membership has the proper time to reach a fully educated decision. APA leadership remains unified and committed to ending this process in a thorough and detailed manner. As additional details become available, we will keep you posted. Thank you for your continued support.”