Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Muddy waters are making it difficult for divers to find wreckage of AirAsia flight 8501, CNN reports. The aircraft, which disappeared on December 28 as it traveled between Surabya and Singapore, is thought to be on the ocean floor as ships have detected several large pieces of wreckage it believes are from the airplane. Bad weather and high waves have also made it difficult for searchers to recover bodies and debris from the airplane.

-Airlines pollute the air a lot, according to this FiveThirtyEight blog post. And in this follow-up post, Alaska Airlines has the best record of keeping its carbon footprint low compared to its competitors. Fort Worth-based American Airlines has the worst fuel-efficiency score for 2013, probably due to the old MD-80s that are not fuel efficient and are gradually being phased out of the fleet.

-And I missed this earlier column in USA Today that pointed out the best airport amenities introduced in 2014. I found the pot amnesty box at Colorado Springs Airport interesting as I remember seeing the agriculture amnesty box greeting all Hawaii visitors as you arrive in the islands (they don’t want your fruit with mainland pests coming off the airplane with you) whenever I fly to Honolulu.