Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Forget using miles or a frequent flier to upgrade to first class. More airlines are trying out auctions for seat upgrades on their flights, according to this Wall Street Journal article. More than 30 airlines around the world offer these auctions, sometimes at the gate before the flight leaves, for first class, business class and premium economy seats.

-As American Airlines flight attendants look to elect a new union president, flight attendants learned last week that their former president, Laura Glading, has been hired by American as a consultant on the Open Skies issue related to the Persian Gulf carriers, reports Ted Reed in Forbes. Glading, who was forced to resign in October amid the possibility of a recall election, was criticized by members for negotiating away profit-sharing when the Fort Worth-based airline was in bankruptcy.

-Travelers on Hawaiian Airlines and passengers heading in and out of Minneapolis-St. Paul airport have the best chance of being punctual on their flights, according to a new study. USA Today reported that Tokyo Haneda’s airport also topped the punctuality report as the best airport globally.