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Southwest Airlines pilots union elects new president

The Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association elected Capt. Jon Weaks as their new union president on Monday.

Weaks replaces previous president Capt. Paul Jackson who resigned in December following the pilots voting down a proposed tentative agreement with the Dallas-based carrier earlier this fall. He will complete the remainder of Jackson’s term which ends in late 2016.

“I am excited to lead this pilot group in 2016 as we face a different Company mentality than we have seen over the years,” Weaks said in a statement. “This upper management approach to labor has left us disillusioned and bewildered. Despite this, I can assure that what we ask of the company is rational and justified. We want to give them ample opportunity to regain our trust.”

Weaks has been a Southwest pilot since 1990 and is based out of Las Vegas. He was previously the union president from 2001 to 2002 and was the domicile representative for Las Vegas pilots in 2015.