Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-AirAsia flight 8501 disappeared during severe weather as it traveled between Indonesia and Singapore on Sunday. The fate of the 162 passengers and crew is still unknown as officials have yet to find debris from the aircraft as it searches the Java Sea, according to this report from CBS News. The pilots of the missing aircraft asked air traffic control permission to climb to a higher altitude to avoid turbulent weather before it disappeared from radar, the article says.

-Alaska Airlines is extending the gift giving season as it announced on Monday that members of its frequent flier program will not have to pay the $25 baggage fee on their first checked bag. USA Today reports that passengers who are not yet members of Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan can sign up for free online or at the airport before they check their bags.

-And Merry Christmas was apparently not the greeting an American Airlines passenger wanted to hear. The New York Post reported that a passenger was escorted off an American Airlines flight on Christmas Eve heading from New York LaGuardia to Dallas/Fort Worth after becoming enraged at being greeted by a gate agent and a flight attendant with the phrase “Merry Christmas.”