Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Is it worth it to scramble to maintain your elite frequent flier status? The Los Angeles Times delved into that question in this article. “Airline loyalty programs, including those of major legacy carriers United and Delta, have undergone seismic changes in the last two years that have included the inception of additional elite-qualification requirements. American will change its loyalty program in 2016,” the article said.

-Boeing has completed the design of the 787-10 version of its Dreamliner, according to AirwayNews. The aircraft manufacturer expects to start assembly of the 787-10 next year with its first flight in 2017. The largest operators of the 787-10 will be Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways, with 30 aircraft each, the report said.

-Cranky Flier had a nice look back at aircraft manufacturing in California. The state, once home to a quarter of all aerospace jobs in the 1980s, may have seen it’s last aircraft made in California take off last month, the blog notes.

-And on December 7, we always remember.