Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Covering American Airlines’pilots contract talks, I often hear more from legacy American pilots than US Airways pilots.’s Ted Reed has an overview of how legacy US Airways pilots feel about the current negotiations. “’The treatment of the LUS (legacy US Airways) pilots during this process should have sent a strong message to the APA of just what kind of people they were dealing with,” wrote Bob Frear and Ron Nelson, chairman and vice chairman of the Charlotte base. ‘They are now learning that the hard way,’” Reed quotes in this article.

-The New York Times weighs in on the recent drop in oil prices and how air travelers shouldn’t expect to see a drop in airfares any time soon.

-Airline executives are focusing more on on-time departures and arrivals and that starts with getting the first plane of the day out of the hangar in time, writes AP’s David Koenig. “Travelers may sympathize with airlines when the delay is caused by bad weather. They are less forgiving when they think the airline could have done better,” the article says.