Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-A U.S. senator wants airlines to stop plans to raise bag fees during the holiday travel season. According to the Los Angeles Times, Sen. Bill Nelson from Florida has asked all U.S. carriers to not increase bag fees and hinted he may propose legislation related to bag fees next year. Both Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines have announced plans to raise bag fees by a few bucks during the busy holiday travel season.

-Two air traffic controllers at Dallas Love Field went the extra mile to help a pilot with an emergency landing last month. In this NBC-DFW report, the pilot of a private aircraft had a complete electrical failure ended up connecting with the controllers by using his cell phone to call 911. “It’s part of our training to stay calm to keep the pilots calm because if we're freaking out, they are going to freak out and they’re not going to be able to fly the plane,” one of the air traffic controllers told the NBC station.

-It’s time for the Dubai Airshow where Persian Gulf carriers are expected to announce more aircraft orders. But according to the BBC, the airspace in the Gulf is becoming more crowded and aircraft congestion is a growing problem. “The problem is, the airspace above the Gulf is a patchwork of national air traffic controls and military restrictions, fragmented because of complicated historical and geopolitical reasons,” the BBC says.