Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-A Russian airplane that crashed in Egypt, killing all 224 people on board, was brought down by an “external impact,” a Russian airline official said. “We rule out a technical fault of the plane or a pilot error,” said Alexander Smirnov, deputy general director of Metrojet in this Associated Press article. “The only possible explanation could be an external impact on the airplane.” The investigation of the crash, which happened on Saturday, is ongoing, officials said.

-An airline industry lobbying group, Airlines for America, told Delta Air Lines last week that it could leave the group immediately instead of waiting until April 2016. According to this Forbes article, Delta has increasingly held different positions on industry issues in Washington D.C. and had announced it was leaving the group because its $5 million in annual dues “can be better spent elsewhere.”

-When booking an American Airlines flight recently for his family, Cranky Flier, aka Brett Snyder, he detailed in this post how if a passenger bought a Main Cabin Extra seat in rows 8-9 on a Mesa CRJ-900 then you may not get the extra legroom. After contacting American, Snyder wrote a follow-up post saying the error likely didn’t have a significant impact and American was refunding passengers who were incorrectly charged for the extra legroom.