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DFW Airport unveils new logo

Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is no longer blue.

Instead, it’s bright orange as the airport unveiled its new logo and branding campaign on Thursday.

The airport, which has used the same blue logo with white waves for 14 years, has also added the tagline, “Travel. Transformed.” to its new orange logo that is simply DFW in large letters. It also includes a “journey line” in the center of the letters, which the airport says represents the role DFW plays in its customers’ journey.

“Our current brand launched 14 years ago and since then DFW has evolved from a national hub to a global superhub,” said airport chief executive Sean Donohue during the unveiling ceremony at the headquarters. “We needed to evolve our brand to be more modern, memorable, unique and critically global.”

The airport paid Interbrand $1.5 million to develop the new logo and brand. The New York firm has created brands for Asics shoes, the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Lavazza coffee and Munich Airport.

As part of the brand unveiling ceremony, the airport revealed a new metal sculpture at the entrance of its headquarters that says DFW. Banners proclaiming the new brand were also unfurled from the top of the headquarters building. The new brand will be placed on Skylink trains, buses and signs throughout the airport over the next three years.

“We’re not going to know the cost until the three-year program is done,” said Donohue, although he noted that the ten-year-old Skylink trains were scheduled to be replaced so adding the new brand color will not be an additional cost. “On an $800 million annual budget, this is miniscule.”

Employee attire and the airport’s website will be changed to reflect the new orange logo and the airport’s ambassador volunteer program will also get new uniforms.

“Airports all over the world are blue. Well, we’re changing and our new color draws insipirations from the color of the sunrise and marks the new beginnings that travel brings,” Donohue said.

Separately, long-time airport board member Francisco Hernandez announced he was stepping down. Since he was a Fort Worth representative, the city will choose a new board member, likely before the next meeting in November.

During the board’s monthly meeting on Thursday morning, the airport said it served 5,839,500 passengers in August, up 0.9 percent compared to August 2014. Domestic traffic was flat while international passenger traffic rose 7.1 percent

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