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Southwest says it has no room at Love Field for Delta or American

There is no room at Dallas Love Field to accommodate flights by Delta Air Lines or American Airlines, a Southwest Airlines’ executive testified on Wednesday.

During a federal court hearing to decide whether or not Southwest has to allow Delta to use a Love Field gate for flights, Southwest vice president of airport affairs Bob Montgomery said the airline is “fully utilizing” its 18 gates at Love Field with 180 daily flights and does not have room for more.

A February 2015 email from American showed the Fort Worth-based carrier had asked Southwest to be accommodated to operate a couple of daily flights. American was forced to give up its two leased gates at Love Field in 2014 as part of its anti-trust merger approval agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice. However, the airline has said it wishes it could operate out of Love Field.

“We told them we couldn’t accommodate them,” Montgomery testified. U.S. District judge Ed Kinkeade asked if American and Delta were the only two airlines asking for accommodation and Montgomery said at this time, yes. “The outcome of this case will determine if there is more.”

If the judge rules in Delta’s favor, Southwest could be forced to allow other airlines to use the gate space it currently leases at Love Field.