Sky Talk

Video and fun facts about American’s new IOC

After American Airlines cut the ribbon on its new Integrated Operations Center, they gave us a tour of the new facility.

Even though employees started working there in early August, the building still has that new building smell.

Here’s a few fun facts about the Robert W. Baker Integrated Operations Center

-cost $88 million to build

-150,000 square feet of space

-designed to withstand an EF3 tornado (about 136 to 165 mph)

-2.1 million pounds of structural steel used in construction

-2,800 miles of media cabling installed with equates to 1.7 million linear feet

-40 individual 80-inch large screen televisions in the control center

-1,600 employees have a combined 30,000 years of experience

-the center oversees 1 million flights annually

-each of the conference rooms are named after airlines that have merged to create American (i.e. Reno Air, America West, TWA, Allegheny Airlines)