Sky Talk

So long, Terry

He’s the reporter that the rest of us were always trying to beat.

Terry Maxon, the longtime airline reporter at the Dallas Morning News, is retiring today. There will be no more 3 idle thoughts on Fridays (although he wrote 30 today!) and no more plane pictures shot from the roof of his house.

For the past six years, I’ve sat next to Terry at press conferences about airline bankruptcies, new livery announcements and pilot contract vote results and stood beside him on the tarmac of Dallas/Fort Worth Airport watching A380s, Dreamliners and foreign flag carriers arrive.

While we work for rival papers, Terry was always friendly and when I was first starting out on the beat, he was helpful in pointing out the important people that I hadn’t met yet. His trademark wit and dry commentary always made covering airline events a little more fun.

It will be a little strange for the rest of us airline reporters next week when we attend American’s ribbon cutting for their new Integrated Operations Center or at the Love Field/Delta/Southwest court hearing at the end of the month because Terry won’t be there.

I know he’ll be smiling when I have to write my umpteenth Wright Amendment story or American/US Airways pilot seniority article, not because he misses it, but because he doesn’t.

So long, Terry. Enjoy your retirement. You’ve earned it.