Sky Talk

Do you know your airport codes?


If you want to be a reservations agent at American, you need to know the codes.

Three-letter airport codes to be exact.

Job applicants who make it past the phone interview are given 250 airport codes and two weeks to study them before they are asked to take a 50 question test. The applicants have 90 minutes to complete the test, but typically candidates who study hard can finish the test in less than 10 minutes, said Eva Zablodowsky, American’s new hire recruiter assistant, who was interviewed for Sunday’s Star-Telegram article about the thousands of new hires at American Airlines.

“Anyone who sits there for over 40 minutes is not going to make it because you either know it or you don’t,” Zablodowsky said.

We took one of American’s practice tests and shrunk it down to a 10-question quiz. Take the quiz here and test your knowledge of airport codes.