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DFW Airport lowers landing fees for airlines in September


Dallas/Fort Worth Airport is closing out another strong year and airlines are getting a break on landing fees.

Although parking and concessions are generating less revenue than expected, DFW should end its fiscal year Sept. 30 with higher-than-budgeted overall revenue, the airport board was told Thursday. Terminal revenue has risen as more international passengers travel through DFW and its debt service was below expectations.

DFW had its strongest July ever, serving 6.1 million passengers, up 1.6 percent from July 2014, said John Ackerman, executive vice president for global strategy and development. American Airlines’ passenger traffic was up 1 percent while international passenger traffic was up 7.6 percent.

As a result, DFW lowered the landing fee to $1.13 per 1,000 pounds, Chief Financial Officer Chris Poinsatte said.

“It’s good news if you’re an airline flying into DFW right now,” Poinsatte told the board at its monthly meeting. “You’re getting really good rates.”

DFW had already lowered landing fees and terminal rents for airlines for July and August. The landing fee was $2.69 per 1,000 pounds at the beginning of the budget year and had dropped to $1.99 for August.

The airport expects to give back $13.3 million to airline tenants through lower landing fees and terminal rents. Although total cargo traffic grew 3.9 percent for July, Ackerman said international cargo was down 4.3 percent across all regions.

“We’ve seen a weakening in the global cargo market,” Ackerman said.

Separately, the airport announced three new concessionaires for Terminal B and D. Chef Kent Rathbun will bring his Abacus restaurant to Gate D22, with an aviator bar and lounge area. Chef Stephan Pyles will open Stampede 66 Express, a barbecue restaurant at Gate D27.

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