Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-New York senator Charles Schumer wants a federal investigation into airlines withholding their flight information from third-party websites. In this New York Post article, Schumer said airlines are forcing passengers to book directly instead of using comparison-shopping websites. “The ability to bargain shop on these websites … is facing some serious turbulence,” Schumer said at a press conference on Sunday. “If we do nothing they might be gone in a year or two.”

-Boeing is warning airlines that bulk shipments of lithium batteries in cargo holds poses a fire hazard. The Wall Street Journal reports that the plane maker issued a formal message to airlines on Friday, urging carriers to stop carrying large battery cargo shipments. Industry experts are considering changes to cargo compartments, revised fire-suppression techniques and additional regulations on air carriers when it comes to transporting lithium batteries.

-USA Today has put together a list of the “best coach-class” airlines. Since most lists typically look at first and business class products, the news organization decided that it needed a list for everyone else who travels in the back of the plane. JetBlue, Southwest and Virgin America came out on top in this list.