Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-A Southwest Airlines flight got stuck in the grass at Richmond Airport on Sunday evening while it taxied to the terminal after a routine landing. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the 131 passengers and five crew members were not injured and exited the plane on portable stairs. Crews were working this morning to get the plane out of the grass.

-Since the U.S. Department of Justice launched its investigation into whether or not airlines have colluded to keep airfares high, several groups of passengers have filed civil lawsuits. The Hill reports that the lawsuits accuse Delta, American, United and Southwest of “conspiracy to fix, raise, maintain, or stabilize prices of airline tickets through a number of mechanisms.”

-Zodiac Seats, one of the world’s largest makers of airline seats, has figured out a way to cram more seats on to an airplane. Using a hexagon design, the manufacturer claims it can increase the number of passengers on a Boeing 767 by up to 80 fliers, the Los Angeles Times says in this article. In the design, every other passenger in a row is facing backwards while the the seat by the window and the aisle face toward the front of the plane.