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More details on the new Southwest flight attendant contract

Southwest Airlines flight attendants will receive wage increases, annual bonuses and enhanced vacation pay in a new six-year contract.

Details of the contract, which was tentatively agreed to last week, were released on Wednesday by the Transport Workers Union. TWU Local 556 represents the 13,000 flight attendants who work at the Dallas-based carrier.

The union said flight attendants will vote on the contract from July 13 to July 24.

“We have agreed to increase our industry-leading wage rates, benefits and work rules to even higher levels,” said TWU Local 556 president Audrey Stone. “Our flight attendants are famous for providing outstanding customer service and this tentative agreement recognizes and rewards that high level of dedication.”

If approved, the contract includes three percent wage increases in 2015, 2017 and 2019 and three percent annual bonuses in 2016 and 2018. It also has a one percent annual guaranteed ground time compensation bonus and a potential bonus of up to 1 percent annually based on the carrier’s financial results.