Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice launched a civil investigation to see if several U.S. airlines colluded when making capacity decisions in order to keep airfares high. CrankyFlier, aka Brett Snyder, said the investigation “doesn’t jibe with reality,” in this analysis. “The reality is that we’re in an industry that continues to put out more capacity than many think is sustainable and declining unit revenues certainly show that. If DOJ has a smoking gun, let’s just see it. Until that, I remain pretty skeptical that this will amount to anything,” Snyder writes.

-United Airlines made a $30 million investment in a bio-fuels company that is experimenting on taking household trash and converting it into jet fuel. Fulcrum BioEnergy will use the funds to develop up to five projects to produce up to 180 million gallons of jet fuel, reports ThinkProgress in this article.

-Oftentimes, the news media’s focus is on what airlines are doing wrong. In this article, by Associated Press’ Scott Mayerowitz, he looks at five things airlines are doing right, including getting a voucher or frequent flier miles if your bag doesn’t show up in a timely fashion after you paid a checked bag fee.