Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-The Paris Air Show wrapped up last week with Airbus edging out Boeing in terms of new aircraft orders. But it is the Boeing aircraft, nicknamed “Mom” that the industry is buzzing about, according to this Bloomberg article. The “middle of market” jet won’t be in service until the 2020s and doesn’t technically exist yet, but that didn’t stop suppliers and competitors from offering their opinions on the possible new jet.

-A “connected airline” could be coming as the industry is starting to examine how to use in-flight Wifi links to send new types of weather and safety data to cockpits, the Wall Street Journal reported. “Passengers have been unexpectedly slow to embrace onboard Internet, but aerospace executives at the Paris international air show that ended here Sunday painted a futuristic picture of planes entirely connected to the Web from nose to tail,” this article said.

-United Airlines will be ending operations at New York’s JFK airport in October, the company said. Flights will shift to Newark and its Newark flights to Los Angeles and San Francisco will be rebranded under United’s “p.s.” service. “As financial losses mounted, we have been reducing service at JFK for many years as we’ve consolidated our New York presence at Newark, and this move is the next logical step,” airline spokeswoman Christen David told Forbes.