Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-The U.S. government has agreed to investigate allegations that Persian Gulf carriers have received $42 billion in subsidies. On Friday, the Transportation, Commerce and State departments said they will collect arguments in a public forum and will hold a public hearing, USA Today reported. "The U.S. government takes seriously the concerns raised in the report and is interested in receiving insights and feedback from stakeholders before any decisions are made regarding what action, if any, should be taken,” the agencies said in a statement.

-United Airlines has proposed a plan to federal regulators to deal with issues involving pilot training and scheduling, according to the Chicago Tribune. United was responding to concerns raised by the FAA over multiple violations of pilots flying longer than the maximum or missing deadlines for periodic training.

-And the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette examined the not-so-glamorous lifestyle of a regional pilot. According to this article, pilots may not earn more than $25,000 right out of college which is less than what the average first-year teacher or truck driver can expect to earn.