Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Delta Air Lines is asking the DOT to deny American Airlines the ability to fly between Los Angeles and Mexico City. According to this Bloomberg News report, Delta says the route should be open to competition and it will fly three daily flights on the route instead of the two proposed by American. Currently, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines are the only U.S. carriers allowed to fly between the two cities per an international treaty. American, which has a partnership with Alaska, had asked the DOT in February to approve the route transfer.

-Speaking of the DOT, Hawaiian Airlines was not pleased with the agency’s ruling to let Delta keep its Seattle-Tokyo Haneda slot and ruling to give preference to an American Los Angeles-Tokyo Haneda route in case the Delta route fails. “[The ruling] reveals a long-held institutional bias among decision makers favoring the interests of U.S. business travelers over those of U.S. travel-related businesses and travelers in general,” said Hawaiian’s chief executive Mark Dunkerley in this Travel Weekly article. Hawaiian had proposed using the Tokyo Haneda slot on a route out of Kona, Hawaii.

-Scientific American interviewed Bill Waldock, professor of safety science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, about increased aircraft automation and how technology on aircraft doesn’t always guarantee a safe flight. “The general trend is that safety has improved worldwide but it’s still not really where it could be. We still have problems with pilots and automation. The absolute priority anytime you’re flying an airplane is to fly the airplane,” Waldock said in this article.