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DFW Airport spent $2.5 million on winter storms

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Winter storms cost Dallas/Fort Worth Airport $2.5 million as it worked to keep the runways clear of snow and ice.

Airlines canceled 6,014 flights, de-iced 1,693 aircraft and used 342,237 gallons of de-icing fluid during the storms, DFW’s executive vice president for operations Jim Crites told the airport’s board at its monthly meeting on Tuesday.

“Quite a bit of materials were used and it was an all hands effort from an airfield operations standpoint,” Crites said.

During the two storms in February and March, there was only one two-hour period were all the runways at the airport were shut down on March 5 from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. as crews could not keep the runways clear of snow, Crites said.

The storms also cost the airport $1.9 million in lost revenues from missed landing fees, parking and concessions.

Crites said the airport did not run out of airfield de-icing fluid but two of its snow blowers failed during the first storm. However, the airport had recently purchased a large snow blower that was delivered prior to the February storms.

The airport wants to spend $70 million over the next two years on new equipment to maintain its airfields during winter weather.

“With American’s peaking schedule, this becomes a more important issue,” said airport CEO Sean Donohue, referring to the airline’s new schedule that groups arrivals and departures into several peaks during the day. “We are going to need equipment that can handle both the east and the west side of the airport.”