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Were those snow plows on a runway at DFW Airport?

Lined up in a V-formation, Dallas/Fort Worth airport workers methodically drove giant snow plows down a runway on Wednesday.

But of course, there was no snow. And it was close to 100 degrees.

Over two dozen employees practiced plowing taxiways as part of the airport’s winter weather training. The airport spent $17 million since 2014 on snow and ice removal equipment and now workers are perfecting snow plow formations that will effectively remove snow and ice from runways.

“They have to learn how to do this efficiently because when there is a storm they have to keep the taxiways and airfields clear and operating,” said airport spokeswoman Cynthia Vega.

Although there wasn’t any of the cold stuff on the ground for the plows to sweep, workers were able to keep cool as all of the plows have air conditioning.

The training will continue through the summer and will include overnight training for drivers to practice plowing in the dark. Employees are practicing on a runway that is lightly used so flights will not be delayed during the training sessions, Vega said.

The airport currently has 24 large snow plows and 41 other pieces of equipment it can use to clear runways. It also has 17 trucks it uses to treat roadways and bridges at the airport.

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