Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-United Airlines is being criticized for forcibly removing a passenger from an oversold flight on Sunday. The passenger, who was randomly selected by a computer to be removed from the flight, said he was a doctor who needed to see patients the next morning and could not take a flight the next day. The video posted on Facebook “shows the officers wrestling a man out of his seat and the man screaming. Other passengers are shouting, “no” and “oh my God” as he is dragged through the aisle,” this McClatchy article says.

-Delta Air Lines’ operations appear to be running normally on Monday after five days of thousands of canceled flights. In this report from USA Today, the carrier blamed severe storms at its hubs in New York, Detroit and Atlanta for the operational meltdown which forced tens of thousands of customers to look for other flights during the busy spring break travel season.

-A new report shows U.S. airlines are getting better at arriving on time, baggage handling and having fewer customer complaints. According to the annual airline quality rating report from Wichita State University, airlines’ on-time performance rate improved one percent to 81.4 percent of flights arriving on time. In an interview with the Wichita Eagle, the study’s co-author Dean Headley said the report shows improvement in all categories. “You would hope they would. They’re making money,” Headley said.