Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-A United Airlines pilot was removed from her flight after making comments about her divorce and the presidential elections on the aircraft’s public announcement system. According to the local CBS-affliate in Austin, the pilot had shown up late and was not in uniform for the flight from Austin to San Francisco on Sunday afternoon.

-Singapore Airlines agreed to order 39 widebody aircraft from Boeing last week. The deal, which is valued at $13.8 billion, includes 20 Boeing 777-9s and 19 Boeing787-10 aircraft, USA Today reports.

-Airlines are making it harder for travelers to comparison shop for fares, according to George Hobica, founder of In a column for the Star-Tribune, Hobica says Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines typically withhold price and fare information from third-party travel agent websites. “So many consumers are not getting the full airfare picture and it’s much harder to compare prices; many are overpaying for flights, or simply cannot afford to fly unless they know where and how to search,” Hobica writes.