Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Wolfe & Co. analyst Hunter Keay laid out his theory on how American Airlines may eventually purchase Alaska Airlines. In a research note issued Friday, and written about in this Barron’s blog post, Keay says American might pursue a three-way joint venture with Japan Airlines and Korean Air Lines, “which would be a potential ‘check mate’ for oneworld in Asia,” and that could lead to Alaska and Delta terminating their code share with American eventually teaming up with Alaska and then purchasing the carrier.

-A year after Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing, there is still no sign of the Boeing 777 or its 239 passengers. The Wall Street Journal reports that experts have used new satellite signal-based analysis to narrow the search area for the plane.

-The U.S. carriers have taken their fight with the Gulf carriers public, releasing details of a two-year investigation into the government subsidies that Emirates, Etihad and Qatar have received over the years. “The U.S. allegations focus on benefits such as interest-free government loans, cheaper access to airports and services such as fuel and ground handling that are governed by airline officials. The advantages have allowed substantial growth in the last decade despite almost no growth in overall passengers, with Emirates reaching the top capacity in the world last year, with Qatar 10th and Etihad 13th, according to the U.S. airline argument,” USA Today reports.