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Over 600 flights canceled at DFW Airport due to snow

UPDATE: Dallas/Fort Worth Airport now has two runways cleared and open for carriers to use as it continued to clear snow and ice.

“Snowplow crews are continuing to work on ramps and taxiways as well as additional runways to increase the Airport’s capacity for flights,” the airport said in a statement at 10:00 a.m.

The airport said it had 3.5 inches of snow on top of a layer of ice and sleet from the winter storm and cautioned customers that airport roads in and out of terminals remained slick and slushy. About 390 departures had been canceled at DFW, about 35 percent of the airport’s usual daily flight schedule.

ORIGINAL POST: Hundreds of flights were canceled at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport on Thursday as airport crews worked to clear runways of several inches of snow and ice.

According to, 317 arrivals and 264 departures have been canceled at DFW Airport with delays expected to mount as carriers have to de-ice aircraft before take-off in the freezing temperatures.

American Airlines spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said the Fort Worth airline has 629 cancellations at DFW Airport which includes mainline and regional operations.

“This morning, we have a very limited schedule,” Huguely said. “As the day goes on and the snow and ice begin to melt, we’ll be able to operate more flights,”

So far, 2,300 flights have been canceled across the U.S. as East Coast airports also deal with the effects of a severe winter storm. Dallas Love Field has 15 arrivals and 25 departures canceled on Thursday while Southwest Airlines has canceled 241 flights across the U.S.