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Most Read No. 4: American Airlines CEO says employees ‘still don’t trust us’


Gaining the trust of American Airlines’ employees proved to be harder than chief executive Doug Parker anticipated after taking the helm of the merged American-US Airways.

Speaking at Wall Street investors conference in March, Parker acknowledged that management needed to do a better job of engaging its employees.

“We have to be out working to find ways to positively surprise our employees,” Parker said. “They still don’t trust us. It’s not their fault they don’t trust us. They don’t trust us because of what they’ve experienced. They haven’t experienced trustworthy things. Not because the people they work for are necessarily not trustworthy, simply because the people they worked for couldn’t live up to the promises they made. They’re still gun shy from it.”

He did not address profit-sharing in his comments at the conference, but a few weeks later Parker announced that American was reintroducing a profit-sharing plan for its employees for 2016.

Here’s the article with Parker’s comments.

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