Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-The global airlines group, IATA, is forecasting $35.6 billion in profits for airlines in 2016, but warns that profits will drop next year to $29.8 billion. According to the Associated Press, IATA cited slower economic growth and rising costs for the lower profits.

-Bell Helicopter acknowledged that one of its helicopters was involved in a fatal crash as part of Hurricane Matthew relief efforts in Haiti. Vertical Magazine reports that two Haitians were killed when a large group of villagers rushed a helicopter after it landed with relief supplies. The victims were struck by the tail rotor of a Bell 429 as the it was taking off.

-Bloomberg News took a closer look at European airlines and why they have not been as profitable as their U.S. competitors in recent years. “Their workforces remain restive and strike-prone, they face a web of restrictions from regulators in multiple countries, and for reasons of national pride, the airlines in the big groups continue to operate as separate brands—with many of the associated costs,” the article says.