Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Is your favorite airline on the world’s best airlines list released by If your choice is a U.S. carrier, than you’re out of luck, CNN reports. Not a single domestic carrier made the top ten list. Air New Zealand won the title of Airline of the Year for the fourth year in a row.

-The TSA has opened new automated screening lanes at Chicago O’Hare airport just in time for the holiday travel season. According to NBC Chicago, the new lanes should process travelers through checkpoints 30 percent faster. DFW Airport will open up similar automated lanes before Spring Break next year.

-U.S. airlines are hopeful that President-elect Donald Trump’s administration will back the airlines’ fight against the expansion of the Persian Gulf carriers to U.S. airports. The Los Angeles Times reports that even though Trump has business deals in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, airlines believe Trump will have a “sympathetic ear” to their concerns compared to the current administration.