Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-U.S. airlines expect a record 27 million people to travel by plane this coming Thanksgiving weekend. According to USA Today, airlines have added flights in anticipation of the 2.5 percent increase in passengers this holiday season. As usual, the busiest travel days will be Sunday Nov. 27, Monday Nov. 28 and Wednesday Nov. 23. Thanksgiving day is typically the lightest travel day during the holiday week.

-With premium economy debuting on American Airlines last week and Delta Air Lines announcing a similar product for 2017, Bloomberg News delved into what the upgraded economy class might mean for travelers. “While premium economy represents a silver lining for travelers hoping to improve economy-class travel, there’s a downside for those who are fine with flying cattle class. For some airlines, the ‘nicer’ coach cabin could represent an incentive to make regular economy even more spartan. If you squeeze a bit more in the back, in other words, maybe a few more people will be induced to spring an additional $300 or $500 to move into premium economy,” the article says.

-The pilot shortage for regional carriers is translating to higher starting wages for new commercial pilots, the Wall Street Journal reports. New wage scales at companies like Envoy Air, Republic Airlines and SkyWest Airlines have jumped for first time pilots from around $20,000 a year to over $50,000 when signing bonuses and training stipends are included.