Sky Talk

Monday Midday Must-Reads

-Hawaiian Airlines received approval from the DOT to start seating its passengers by weight on its flights between Honolulu and American Samoa, according to the Christian Science Monitor. “The policy, which makes Hawaiian Airlines the third airline to weigh its passengers, has received criticism from unhappy customers who say that the practice is discriminatory,” the article says.

-Consumer travel advocate Christopher Elliott says airlines’ front line employees often don’t know the rules when it comes to compensating passengers for oversold flights and lost luggage. In his latest column for the Washington Post, Elliott says surprise inspections by the DOT last year resulted in fines for Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines for failing to comply with consumer protection rules laid out by federal government.

-Bloomberg News says in this article that airlines’ on time numbers may get worse next year as new federal reporting guidelines are implemented for large domestic airlines. “Most of the monthly stats the large carriers report don’t include their regional operations, mostly smaller, 50-to-90-seat jets that funnel travelers to and from hubs. Regional flying now constitutes almost half of U.S. domestic air routes - and when bad weather strikes, those flights are often the first to be canceled.”